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About Us

Write  | Art | Connect is an online platform aimed at creating a space for dialogue about and around the arts in India. Through it we hope to facilitate critically engaged writing and a public around it. We work with an expansive understanding of the arts, one that includes the everyday and the singular, art and ‘Art’. Our aim is to encourage questions about the manner in which they inform forces shaping our surroundings. The manner in which they can be written about. We write as we speak. Since we understand community to be a significant component of this dialogic space we work closely with a selected group of writers. Over time we hope this roster will grow. We enjoy working with writers interested in research based opportunities exploring subjects, modes, formats etc. Together with them we would like to explore curiosity and criticality as essential components of engaging with the things we make, the worlds we inhabit.

Write | Art | Connect is a Serendipity Arts Foundation initiative.