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Submission Policy

If you would like to contribute to Write|Art|Connect please send in a pitch. The blog works around a theme each month, pitches need to be related and sent in by the announced deadline. Pitches and submissions need to adhere to the guidelines below. We take about a week to respond to pitches, we will contact you if your pitch has been selected.

We work closely with our writers. The editorial process for each of our issues is over a month long and involves considerable exchange.

We pay our writers. But as a fledgling initiative associated with a non-profit organization our budget is nominal. While we hope to have a more generous payment policy in the future at present we appeal to your enthusiasm to write.

Pitch 101

  • always pitch before you submit.
  • a good pitch is succinct and thought out.
  • pitch when you are clear about your idea.
  • explain your point of view and argument.
  • do it within 150 words.
  • be on time.
  • send in your pitches to

General Guidelines

  • be brief
  • express your opinion, bolster it with research.
  • citations are discouraged. if you need to state your references explore other options, improvise.
  • essays should be idea- rather than person and/or event driven. we do not accept reviews.
  • keep your language simple, your tone conversational, your voice active.
  • trim your adverbs and adjectives.
  • avoid cliches and jargon.
  • build your argument, state it clearly.
  • stay within the word limit (1300 words)
  • format it right (calibri, font size 11, single space, justified)
  • Images/videos/sound etc. are a necessary aspect of your text. Consider how you will incorporate them, where you shall source them from etc.
  • submit in a track change enabled .doc format
  • include a bio (150 words)
  • stick to the deadline.

Although we are critical of the individual ideals of the ‘author’ identity, we discourage plagiarism and expect our writers to be sensitive about the legal obligations of this platform. Serendipity Art Foundation reserves the right to reprint all published essays for non-commercial purposes. As a writer the right to your work remains your own, should it be published elsewhere though we would appreciate the standard acknowledgement as the first time publishers.